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Wide variety of styles

The Most Critical Decision In Choosing Carpet

When you walk into our Carpet store in Elk Grove, CA, you'll see hundreds of samples, all with gorgeous styles, textures, brilliant colors, and vibrant patterns. It's easy to become distracted when surrounded by so much beauty, but the most crucial decision you'll make when shopping for your carpet installation will be when selecting fiber. Why? Because it's the foundation of the flooring, it affects visual appeal, performance, and longevity.

Natural Or Synthetic Fibers?

We hear this question all the time in our showroom, but they are both just as good. Ultimately, it will come down to how much you value specific characteristics. Natural fibers are harvested naturally and have no chemicals or additives; for instance, wool repels dirt with its natural oils, appealing to environmentalists. Synthetics are artificial products and tend to be more stain-resistant; that and the cost often makes many, especially those with large families, consider them the more practical choice.

A breakdown of fibers

Although they are acrylics and blends, there are five most commonly chosen fibers: wool, soft, durable, luxurious, and somewhat pricey. Spills also need to be wiped as soon as they happen, as wool can be a little absorbent. As a result, more and more manufacturers are creating wool/acrylic blends to decrease the price and increase stain resistance.

The synthetics include nylon, which accounts for over 50% of all carpets these days. It is soft, durable, stain-resistant, and resilient, meaning it bounces back into shape after footsteps or any compression. There are nylon versions, including "Solution Dyed," where the color gets naked during the manufacturing process rather than sitting at the tips. Ask our flooring professionals about different nylon versions.

Polyester has superior inherent stain resistance because it is hydrophobic or non-absorbent. It is also durable but less resilient than nylon, making it best for moderately busy rooms that don't get abused. Polyester also has a sustainable version made from recycled plastic bottles.

Olefin (polypropylene) is a budget-friendly, durable, and stain-resistant fiber most often associated with the Berber carpet style. Triexta is relatively new to the market but has already gained a considerable reputation, both for strength and the permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. In addition, it is soft, with a feeling similar to wool, resilient, and even holds dies better.

Whether it's flooring, such as carpet, or a countertop, Family Floors & More is your trusted contractor in the area. We have years of experience and will always deliver quality product and workmanship. Our showroom is in Elk Grove, CA and we hope to see you soon if you live or work in or near Elk Grove, CA, Sacramento, CA, Vineyard, CA, Florin, CA, El Dorado Hills, CA, Folsom, CA, Stockton, CA, Lodi, CA, Galt, CA or Granite Bay, CA. Be sure to ask about your free carpet flooring quote.

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