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The importance of kitchen countertops

We always advise people on the importance of countertops. From a functional point of view, they're areas where we store appliances and prepare meals, with some even using them for eating! Aesthetically, they take up a large portion of the room's square footage and often become a significant component of a room's focal point, coordinating with Backsplashes And Floors.

We provide the following manufacturers: MSI Surfaces, Bedrosians, Dal-Tile, Arizona Tile, LG Slab, Silestone, Caesarstone, Pacific Shores, Cosentino

What are the most popular countertops?

Although they can be made from many materials, quartz and granite are often in the highest demand, most likely due to their high visual appeal, durability, and ability to increase property values. Granite countertops evoke luxury and elegance and go with any decor, from the most traditional to urban modern and more. In addition, every slab has different vein patterns, so you’ll never see the same thing in someone else’s home.

Colors range from trending neutral earth tones to brilliant green, blue, reds, yellows, black, gray, and white. As for function, these counters are heavy, durable, heat resistant. In addition, granite can be nonporous and must be sealed periodically.

Quartz countertops can be completely natural or engineered to include a little resin called quartzite. Either version is beautiful, and the small amount of resin gives Mother Nature a little boost into modern convenience; quartzite counters are durable and easy to clean. In addition, quartzite counters do not harbor bacteria because the resin makes them completely nonporous, making them a hygienic product.

Tile: affordable, with many design options

One of the best options is porcelain for a couple of reasons. First, it's a large format tile, which translates to fewer grout lines and less scrubbing. Second, there are countless colors and patterns, and they can be made to look like anything. Finally, it's an excellent choice for wood and stone looks.

Other choices include the budget-friendly laminate, which is now available in broader color palettes and pattern collections. Solid surfacing is acrylic, available in many colors and with a translucent quality and marble-like appearance. Concrete is excellent for chic industrial atmospheres; it can be painted, polished, or textured. Others include glass tiles, wood butcher blocks, and stainless steel.

New countertops can completely transform your kitchen, bathroom or any other space. To hear more and get a free quote, come into The Family Floors & More Showroom in Elk Grove, CA. We’re convenient to Elk Grove, CA, Sacramento, CA, Vineyard, CA, Florin, CA, El Dorado Hills, CA, Folsom, CA, Stockton, CA, Lodi, CA, Galt, CA and Granite Bay, CA.

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