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How To Select Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is a beautiful, affordable, and realistic alternative to wood, stone, and tile. Highly durable laminate has four layers, including a backing, core, printed design layer, and, at the top, a clear aluminum oxide wear coating that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. Here are some suggestions on choosing the very best product for your needs.

Look To The AC (Abrasion Criteria) Rating

This is a one to six rating system to measure the product's resistance to impact. Administered by a third party, laminate products go through a series of tests, even determining the effect from furniture legs! As the AC Ratings go up, so does the strength.

For example, AC1 is for very light foot traffic, such as bedrooms. AC2 is also for low traffic but can be used in a little busier room, such as dining areas. AC3 is for always active rooms like the kitchen and can also be used for light commercial installations. AC5 and AC6 are for heavy foot traffic.

It is essential to get the proper strength levels for your installation. Using the right one for your installation will ensure great visuals and exceptional performance for a long time. Therefore, the AC Rating is considered a very, very reliable test.

Examine the design

Today's technology has enabled more and more manufacturers to create design options with high-definition photography, better seaming, and deep embossing. As a result, there are raised grains, veining variations, and brilliant colors and patterns. If you don't see these, it could be an inferior design.

Buy the best thickness that your wallet will allow

Ideally, the best laminate flooring should measure 10-mm to 12-mm. A more robust surface isn't just more durable but will also hide subfloor imperfections, be quieter and allow for more design options. Keep in mind that subfloor imperfections can telegraph to the surface so that it will affect aesthetics.

Laminate flooring is a great choice and we want you to have a floor you'll love! At Family Floors & More let us help you find the right one (and get a free quote while you're at it.) Our showroom is in Elk Grove, CA and we hope to see you soon if you live or work in or near Elk Grove, CA, Sacramento, CA, Vineyard, CA, Florin, CA, El Dorado Hills, CA, Folsom, CA, Stockton, CA, Lodi, CA, Galt, CA and Granite Bay, CA.

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