Choosing tile flooring

There's an almost unlimited number of colors, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes for tile flooring, but keep in mind that they all have different characteristics that make them perform differently depending on installation. They also have different levels to determine strength and absorption rates; these dictate how and where tiles can be used. So when working with the professionals at our tile store in Elk Grove, CA, be sure to explain precisely how you plan to use it; the right or wrong one will impact your tile flooring remodeling project.

Understand the difference between porcelain and ceramic

Porcelain is a type of ceramic made up of clay, sand, and glass. As a result, it's heavier and denser, especially suitable for high trafficked floors in busy areas like the kitchen or bath. The clay is nonporous, meaning that porcelain is waterproof whether or not it's glazed. It can also be used outside on the patio, deck, and poolside floors.

This large-format tile is through-body color, meaning that it extends through the bisque rather than just covering the surface, and, as a result, chips and scratches aren't noticeable. Porcelain comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors and can be made to look like anything, even fabric and leather. It's often the preferred choice for wood and stone look tiles. Besides flooring, porcelain can be used on walls, and tub/shower surrounds.

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Other types of ceramic tile

We all know the 4 X 4 square; actually, they come in other sizes as well, but 4 X 4 seems to be the most common. They are highly designed, glazed, and suitable for use in indoor, moderately busy rooms. They can also be used on walls, backsplashes, and tub/shower surrounds.

Mosaics are decorative, often glass-coated, tiny pieces that are also durable and mold/mildew resistant. They are trendy right now for bathroom floors for both their style and the many grout lines that make tile less slippery. Terracotta bricks can be used indoors or out and are durable, but ask about sealing as they can be porous. Subway tiles are used primarily on backsplashes but can also be used in indoor, low-traffic rooms like the bedroom.

Tile flooring isn't just for the kitchen and bath! It can look as wonderful in the living room, dining area or bedroom. Our professionals will help you find the right ceramic for your installation, when you come into the Family Floors & More showroom in Elk Grove, CA. We work with homeowners and businesses in and around Elk Grove, CA, Sacramento, CA, Vineyard, CA, Florin, CA, El Dorado Hills, CA, Folsom, CA, Stockton, CA, Lodi, CA, Roseville, CA and Rocklin, CA.